The Xtreme EasyClip is designed for the more rugged commercial and residential installation like high-traffic areas, walkways, jetties and installations that call for the bigger boards or softwood deck boards.

The EasyClip system has a built-in hollow spacer that is specifically designed to allow for the natural movement of the timber without comprising the quality of the EasyClip, plus makes for perfect 6mm spacing between deck boards. The EasyClip system can either be installed with pre-grooved decking or by cutting slots with a biscuit cutter.

Manufactured from virgin high-strength polypropylene with Carbon Black added for extra UV protection, the EasyClip system comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

150 Box:


  • 250 x Xtreme EasyClips
  • 250 x screws
  • 1 x drive bit

750 Bucket:

  • 1500 x Xtreme EasyClips
  • 1500 x screws
  • 3 x drive bits

1000 Bulk Box:

  • 2000 x Xtreme EasyClips
  • 2000 x screws

Screw Options:

The EasyClips Hidden Deck Fasteners come with either Geomet coated Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel screws.

  • 25mm (4,5 x 6) Self Drilling – T10 Torx Drive (ideal for installation on a steel frame)
  • 30mm (4,5 x 6) – T10 Torx Drive (ideal for cladding or installations with limited space below the deck)
  • 45mm (4,5 x 6) – T10 Torx Drive (normal installations)
  • 40mm (4,0 x 6) – Nr1 Square Drive (normal installations)