Why use EasyClip Hidden Deck Fasteners?

We spend thousands on beautiful wood for our decks and then blemish this wood with screws to secure the boards to the sub-structure. Who wants the focus of their deck to be unsightly screws? At last, there is a product that allows the wood – and not the screws – to be the focal point of your deck.

EasyClip is the future of wooden decking, with its registered design allowing for a smooth, screw-free deck surface. Not only will your deck surface be beautiful to look at, but children with bare feet can roam free without any worries about screws or nails causing injury.

The EasyClip fasteners are hidden between the boards, making them almost invisible. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your deck but also contributes to improved safety. The EasyClip system is easier and faster to install than any other system, saving you time and money. EasyClip fasteners are durable, UV resistant and resistant to most chemicals. Your deck will last longer and stay beautiful for years without being compromised by screws.

Benefits of EasyClip Hidden Deck Fasteners

  • Easy installation with biscuit jointer/saw, router or pre-grooved decking
  • Made from heavy-duty UV resistant polypropylene
  • Spaces your deck boards automatically
  • No pre-drilling or countersinking of screws
  • No stain marks from rusty screws
  • Safe, nail-free finish
  • No popping of rusty screws or plugs
  • Prevents cupping of deck boards
  • Save roughly 30% on labour costs and time on decking board installation
  • Easy maintenance of your deck boards
  • Can be used on both hardwood and softwood
  • Deck boards can easily be replaced or re-used
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty
  • Easy top installation
  • Commercial or residential decking
  • Allows for expansion and contraction of decking
  • Cost-effective

Traditional screw-based methods – an unsightly, expensive water trap?

Screws have for years been the preferred method of affixing wood in decking applications. The straightforward logic of one screw per anchor point makes sense, but the trade-offs are simply too great, both aesthetically and structurally. When one considers the cost of a wooden deck, both materials and labour, it soon becomes apparent that using screws no longer gives lasting value.

Having worked in the wood industry for many years, we saw the need for a robust alternative to screws that needed to:

  • Look more attractive than screws and plugs
  • Have less of an impact on the integrity and water-resistance of the wood
  • Cut down on installation time, while maintaining perfect spacing

Years of observation and design have arrived at the EasyClip, which responds intelligently to all of these requirements and beats screw-based decking convincingly from any viewpoint.

Screws by their very nature damage the wood, and on the side most exposed to the elements – and the user. Most disconcertingly, the holes created by the screws allow water to collect within the wood, keeping it damp, and allowing rot to set in. This reduces the strength of the wood, leading to loose deck boards, and ultimately an ugly, unsafe and unusable deck.

Incorrect installation using screws also poses its own set of problems: an inexperienced fitter or even a poorly placed screw can result in the cracking of the deck board along its grain; a screw going in slightly skew results in a slightly protruding screw head – both unsightly and dangerous. Correct usage of screws is a very skilled process that takes up to three times longer than installation using the EasyClip system. Screws must be countersunk, plugged and sealed – a labour-intensive process that can never match the aesthetics of using the easy-to-install EasyClip.

Design Qualities

  • V-Shape Spacer – Allows for ventilation to prevent corrosion and water build-up where the screw goes into the joist or sub-structure.
  • Hollow expansion gaps – Allows decking to expand and contract without causing damage to the EasyClip and prevents unnecessary stress on the screws and decking.
  • Spacer – Provides consistent spacing and uniform height.
  • Grip dots – Prevents the EasyClip from moving or falling out during installation.
  • Seam Weld – Extra weld to ensure a stronger bond between the wing and spacer.
  • Small pilot hole – The small pilot hole will ease installation by helping to prevent over-driving of screws and also ensures a watertight seal.
  • Screw head top – The top countersunk design will guarantee a perfect and tight fit every time. The end result is that the screw sits on top of the EasyClip. This will prevent water collection which will further increase the lifespan of the screw.

Material Details

  • Made from heavy duty virgin Polypropylene.
  • Can tolerate extremely high temperatures of up to 160°C, or 320°F without melting.
  • High flexural strength due to its semi-crystalline nature.
  • Withstand high pressure and bending stresses.
  • Highly fatigue-resistant and can stand up to continuous flexing.
  • Resistant to acids, bases, and other harsh chemical solvents.
  • This space age material is stronger and more durable than many other resin compounds and is considered the lightest among all major plastics.
  • High in rigidity and hardness.
  • Zero water absorption.
  • Carbon Black added for UV protection and stabilisation.