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With over 10 years’ experience in the decking industry we saw the need for a fastening solution that saves time on installation, is cost effective and allows for easy maintenance while still providing a high-quality finish that prolongs the life and improves the aesthetics of your deck. The EasyClip was developed and is proudly manufactured in South Africa. Various options of specially designed stainless and carbon steel screws are imported from Taiwan to work in conjunction with the EasyClips to ensuring a perfect bond between the deck and the sub-structure.

Over 2 million squares of decking have successfully been installed around the world from the UK, USA, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, Mauritius, Seychelles and all over the Africa continent.  The specially formulated polypropylene with added carbon black provides the ultimate protection from UV rays, daily chemicals and the various weather conditions.

Always looking to improve the EasyClip hidden deck fasteners we maintain a strong relationship with the installers and distributors of the EasyClip, incorporating their practical experience to make the EasyClip the most trusted hidden deck fastener in Africa. Our range includes a special clip for the increasingly popular Composite decking as well a bigger and stronger Xtreme Clip for heavy traffic areas, walkways or for those projects that call for bigger timber boards to be used.

If you are interested in becoming a local international Agent for the EasyClips, please contact us at info@easyclip.co.za more information.

Special Designs:
We can also design and manufacture clips specific to you needs or decking profile even with your company logo or name printed on top.
Minimum order quantities apply, please contact us for more information.