Frequently asked questions

What type of screws should I use?

We highly recommend using the screws supplied with the EasyClips and supply a variety to ensure you have the best screw for your specific application.

Should you still want to use your own screw, the EasyClips work best if the head of the screw does not exceed 6mm in diameter. Consult with the experts in your region on what type of screw will last in your environment.

Please note that if the EasyClip is installed with the incorrect screw the 25-year limited warranty will be void.

Will I really save time when I install an Easyclip deck compared to screw based deck?


Compared to screws, EasyClips use only a third of the actions performed to be installed. On a deck fastened with screws, you would generally use 60 screws per square metre. That means that you wood have to pre-drill 60 times, countersink 60 times, and screw in 60 screws per square metre. That gives you a total of 180 actions to be performed by your carpenter.

With EasyClips, you would only have to cut the slot, using a standard biscuit saw, on the side of your decking and insert and fasten an EasyClip if you did not purchase pre-grooved decking. On the same deck you would only need 30 EasyClips per square metre, which adds up to only 60 actions.

Some of the other timesaving advantages are:

  • EasyClips automatically space your deck boards
  • No need for alignment of screws on the decking boards
  • Easyclips do not require double joists for joining deck boards
  • When using pre-grooved decking there would be no need for cutting slots with a biscuit saw

Can I use the EasyClip system with any type of decking material?

The Standard Clip can be used on most types of good quality kiln dried hardwood decking. You can even install it with Balau decking. See our FAQ section on Balau for tips and tricks for a long-lasting installation.

The Composite Clip is designed for your favourite composite, PVC and fibre cement decking boards.

The Xtreme Clip is designed for tougher high traffic areas like walkways and jettiess as well as with bigger decking boards and softwoods.

When using pressure-treated Pine, make sure that the deck boards are fully dried after treatment and properly sealed all round before fixing it with the EasyClips.

When you are not sure about the quality and drying methods of your deck boards, rather decrease the distance between the joists to increase the total holding strength of the EasyClips.

Can I install a deck with EasyClips next to a swimming pool?


EasyClips are specially formulated to be resistant to salts and most chemicals, and will not degrade when exposed to your swimming pool’s water. For the best results choose the stainless steel option for your screws.

Does the EasyClip let water into the wooden deck?


Because the EasyClip fits into a slot on the side of the decking board, the chance of water contamination and rot is greatly reduced compared to traditional decking methods. Treating the groove with a high-quality deck sealer is the quickest and easiest way to ensure an even longer-lasting installation.

Is the EasyClip UV resistant?

Yes, the EasyClip is tried and tested in a every climate, ranging from the dry deserts of Namibia and the tropical climate in the Seychelles, right to the wet, cold winters in the UK. It is made from a virgin high-strength polypropylene with Carbon Black to be fully UV-resistant and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Do I need to cut slots in the deckboards for the EasyClip?

Most of the decking suppliers now offer to pre-groove your decking for the EasyClip system, but should you not be able to purchase pre-grooved decking you can cut the slot with a biscuit joiner.

Place the biscuit saw flat on the joist to achieve the right height (7-8mm from the bottom of the deck board) and cut the slot.

Treating the groove with a high-quality deck sealer is the quickest and easiest way to ensure an even longer-lasting installation.

What are the measurements for the slot in the deckboards?

Treating the groove with a high-quality deck sealer is the quickest and easiest way to ensure an even longer-lasting installation.

Does the EasyClip include the screws?


We offer different screws to suit your frame material as well as environment, and most of the kits include the required bit as well. The screws to fasten the first and last row are not included.

Do I need to pre-drill when using the EasyClip screws?

For the majority of installations, the EasyClip system will not require pre-drilling. The EasyClip comes with a variety of screw options that include a self-tapper screw for steel frames to ensure an easy installation.

Whether or not pre-drilling is required is determined by the type of screw you use and the substructure into which you are drilling the screw. Should it be necessary to pre-drill, a 3,8mm-4mm drill bit will work best for the screws supplied with the EasyClip system.

Is the EasyClip a quick and easy fastening system?

EasyClip has become South Africa’s favourite fastening system because of its high-quality and easy installation. With only two steps to follow (less than half of the conventional installation methods) and no training required, the EasyClip system saves a lot of time and money for contractors and builders.

The smooth finish eliminates the cracks and rot that may form around the screws over time. This is coupled with the ease of replacing damaged deck boards, which ensures that maintaining your deck is quicker and easier.

How do I replace deck boards if necessary?

It is extremely easy to replace a deck board when the EasyClip system has been used. Simply unscrew the row and lift the deck board out of the clips, place your new board and fasten your clips back in place.

Will the EasyClips cause stains on my deck boards?

No, staining is caused by a reaction between the wood and the screws. With the EasyClip system, the screws are installed through the EasyClip and do not come into contact with your deck boards.

Can I install Balau using the EasyClip System?

Because Balau tends to move a bit more than other hardwoods, we have a few extra tips for an EasyClip and Balau installation to ensure you get the best quality finish:

  1. Ensure the Balau has been properly dried. You can also store it on site before installation for +/- 1 week to acclimatise the timber to the local weather.
  2. Joist spacing between 350mm to maximum 400mm.
  3. Use double joists when joining two deck boards or for ultimate peace of mind and place a little bit of waterproof glue under the deck board at the joints.

Can I install 140mm deck boards with the EasyClip system?

There is always a risk of cupping with 140mm-wide deck boards fixed with hidden deck fasteners, but we have done it successfully in the past. If installed correctly this can be a beautiful deck, especially with the wider decking.

The joist spacing should not exceed 350mm and double joists are preferable where you join two deck boards. (Or you can screw and plug the centres of each butt end where the two deck boards join.) Also to further prevent cupping, use a good quality waterproof glue to put between the deck and joist on key points.

Where are the EasyClips manufactured?

The EasyClip is proudly manufactured in South Africa.